My Blogs :-)

Thanks for stopping by! When I first joined WordPress I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, etc. so I set this blog up; and then didn’t do anything with it.

Since then I have started two other blogs on WORDPRESS.COM. I post fairly regularly on those (ok, not as regularly on the food blog as I used to, or would like).

My first blog is – A food blog that I started to keep me on track to eat what I have in the house instead of dining out, or always heading to the grocery store for something else. check it out! It may inspire you!

My second blog is – I started this blog to help keep me on track and accountable for decluttering my house. I figure if I do a little bit every day, and don’t allow clutter to accumulate where I have cleaned/purged/decluttered, by the end of the year I will have a fabulously clean and uncluttered abode. Plus, I will be feeling so much better not having so much stuff laying around. 🙂 Check it out and follow me there too!

Thanks again for stopping by!


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