Chicken Noodle Soup for my family and friends up North. I will be making this by this weekend since Houston is expected to have freezing weather by Sunday, too.

Main St. Cuisine

chicken noodle soup

I think there are two North Carolinas.

There is the one with the warm, mild winter.

Or a light cardigan and linen scarf type of winter.  That was last year.

Days filled with endless sunshine and the sun’s earthly counterpart, daffodils…poking up through the ground to quietly greet us.

And then, there is this winter.

Let me pause for a moment to say, I was born in New York.  And, I’m no stranger to cold winters and the occasional blizzard.

I don’t know anything about “lake effect snow,” but I am familiar with several feet of the white stuff piled up, faux fur-lined boots, no electricity for days, and scraping the ice off of one’s windshield.

But this North Carolina winter is filled with cold, grey days. A wool scarf type of winter.

We’ve been experiencing mini snow events that turn into snow days (cue the giddy school children)…

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