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WHEW! Last of gifts completed!

November 16, 2013

A completed Afghan by my sister.


Just finished the last of the Christmas gifts not 10 minutes ago.  That is not to say the “made by” labels have been sewn on but at least the crocheting is completed.  Sort of leaves an empty feeling, not knowing what to move on to next although there are those dog sweaters…..if I start those I should be able to get them done in to mail out with the human gifts.

Then there is always the novelty booties for the little ones, an owl hat, diaper cover and leggings for one of the babies coming at the end of the month, the Disney princesses for my niece’s daughters new bedroom, the animal finger puppets with arc to give as a gift, the afghans for my other sister and her daughter as well as one for my other nephew’s girlfriend.  Like I said in an earlier post, so many patterns to…

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Introducing the pooches

November 14, 2013

Love dogs? Check out my sister’s new blog about her three furry four footed kiddos

3 Dog Blog - the Huber Hounds

There are 3 of us, Phoenix – the only male dog the Hubers have owned.  Phoenix is a rescue dog.  We believe he is 1/2 redbone coonhound and 1/2 yellow lab.


He is also the oldest, currently about 12 yrs old.

Then there is Fiona.  Fiona was adopted from the local SPCA.  We believe she is part chocolate lab and definitely a lapdog.


Fiona is about 10 yrs. old.

Last but not least there is Gypsy.  Gypsy is 1/2 German shepherd (on her dad’s side) and 1/2 golden retriever (on her mom’s side).  Gypsy was purchased/adopted from a friend whose golden became pregnant from his son’s dog.  We had to put a dog down (her name was Mandy) due to her age and decreasing ability to control her bodily functions—when she started being unable to walk without assistance we felt it was humane to have her euthanized rather than continue…

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Christmas 2013 (continues)

November 11, 2013


Hmmmm, this morning found a pattern for a small Christmas stocking that would be cute to put on gifts as nametags but I’m not certain I can get them made for each individual (if someone is getting more than one gift I would only make one stocking for that person….not that anyone is getting multiple gifts, since I started making gifts in earnest a bit late in the year it looks like one gift per individual).  Guess the only way I know if I can pull this off is to see how long it takes to make one and go on from there.  Good thing is, once I have made an item making more from the same pattern seems to go faster the more I make.

Another project I found was on Pinterest this morning from another person’s pin……a way to adapt the handles of crochet hooks to…

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